What We Encompass

What we Encompass

In an area stretching from Norton to Petitcodiac, The Sussex & District Chamber of Commerce serves a total of approximately 200 Businesses, that range from commercial, industrial, professionals to entrepreneurs of all varieties.

Business opportunities in Sussex

Commercial opportunities are limitless. There is lots of room in our Industrial Park as well as the surrounding areas provide a hub at the center of the three major cities in New Brunswick.

Reliable, yet continually expanding

As the Sussex & Area economy continues to grow, there remains a constant level of reliability. A majority of the Chambers’ members have been in business for over twenty years.  We have a large reliable and skilled work force.

The Sussex and area economy

In a recent poll, a majority of business owners said they belong to the chamber because it raises their business profile in the community. Moreover, although there is a definite sense of obligation involved, a majority of members also stated that they profit from the access to business contacts that the Chamber provides.