Our Network

The Sussex &  District Chamber of Commerce is proud to be a member in good standing of both the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and Atlantic Provinces Chamber of Commerce, an an ongoing effort to further broaden our community.

As a member, our mission through the APCC is to create an environment in which Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade in Atlantic Canada can achieve their full potential, so as to represent our business community in a unified and effective manner.

The Atlantic Provinces Chamber of Commerce - www.apcc.ca

What We Do - Atlantic Provinces Chamber of Commerce

What We Do

ACC ensures a high level of support services to its members by providing guidance to chamber staff and volunteers; promoting ACC benefits to enhance the local chambers’ value proposition to their members; working with Chambers to help them with policy development and advocacy; and assisting chambers with the accreditation process.

With the support and united strength of our chamber network, the ACC fosters growth and prosperity by promoting regional collaboration and cooperation.  It is the strong, unified and credible voice for business in Atlantic Canada.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce - www.chamber.ca

The Voice of Canadian Business

Since 1925, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce has connected businesses of all sizes, from all sectors and from all regions of the country to advocate for public policies that will foster a strong, competitive economic environment that benefits businesses communities and families across Canada.

With a network of over 250 Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade, representing 200,000 businesses of all sizes in all sectors of the economy and in all regions, we are the largest business association in Canada, and the country's most influential.  The primary and vital connection between business and the federal government, our views are sought after and respected by government, business leaders and the media thanks to our well-researched reports, analyses, position papers and policy resolutions that reflect a broad business perspective.