Canadian Chamber

"Since 1925, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce has been the largest, most influential advocate for business in Canada. Founded with the aim of creating a strong, unified voice for Canadian business and a set of values from which policies encouraging prosperity would emerge, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce continues to be the only voluntary, non-political association that has an organized grassroots affiliate in every federal riding."

Atlantic Provinces Chamber of Commerce

"Our mission is to create an environment in which Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade in Atlantic Canada can achieve their full potential and represent the business community in a unified and effective manner."

The Town of Sussex

 "Originally settled by United Empire Loyalists moving up the St. John River Valley, the Sussex area has grown to a population of more than 35,000. The Town of Sussex, itself, has a population of 4,241 (Census 2006).The town developed as a service centre for surrounding communities. Historically a farming community, Sussex has capitalized on its excellent geography to become a leading transportation, manufacturing, distribution and service centre in Atlantic Canada."

 "The Town of Sussex is located in south central New Brunswick, Canada, strategically located between the province's three largest cities; Saint John, Moncton, and Fredericton." 

Our town has a great deal to offer individuals and families who like small town with all the amenities and services of a larger centre.

Sussex provides regional services that include health care, education, business, industry and recretion to the rural areas.

 "With tree-lined streets, gracious older homes and an abundance of small-town charm, Sussex combines a thriving business culture, lots of recreational possibilities and an outstanding array of community services."

The Village of Sussex Corner

"Sussex Corner was originally known as "Pleasant Valley"; a name it shared with the areas of Roachville, Sussex, and Dutch Valley. It is thought that this name was chosen because the land seemed to be "nestled in a valley" away from harsh winds and storms. Those traveling from Saint John to Chegnecto would often travel this route along the Saint John and Kennebecasis either by horseback or canoe, thus avoiding the rough waters and harsh winds of the Bay of Fundy." 

Sussex Corner is primarily residential in nature with several commercial and industrial establishments and has grown to a population of 1413 (census 2006)