Critical Success Factors

Critical Success Factors

  • Advocacy
  • Membership
  • Economic Growth
  • Communication
  • Leadership


Our goal is to be the leading voice of business in the region.

Our Strategies include:

  • Being recognized as business leaders
  • Being proactive and informed
  • Taking a firm stand on all relevant issues
  • Recruiting a pool of recognized business leaders and members to consult on issues


            Our goal is to maximize membership and to sustain all Chamber activities.

Our Strategies include:

  • Maximizing membership involvement
  • Improving membership retention
  • Having more network opportunities for members
  • Extending membership benefits and services
  • Focusing on committee structures

Economic Growth

            Our goal is to be a positive influence on the economic development of the district.

Our Strategies include:

  • Developing a greater relationship with existing Economic Development Agencies
  • Raising our community profile


            Our goal is to create a stronger Chamber, by strengthening our voice at all levels

Our Strategies include:

  •  Working on further insuring a strong succession plan
  • Increasing the Chamber visibility to a greater extent

Further utilizing the experience and influence of our past presidents


            Our goals include further increasing communications, both internally and externally

Our Strategies include:

  • Further developing a comprehensive avenue of communication with the Membership
  • Open more channels of communication with both the community stakeholders and all levels of government
  • Create a greater relationship with the media